The Musical Moral of Into The Woods

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No One Is Alone



"Into the Woods from Stage to Screen" by Mark Eden Horowitz, in The Oxford Handbook of Musical Theatre Screen Adaptations

"Sondheim on Music" by Mark Eden Horowitz has a whole chapter on Into the Woods including a list of all of the leitmotifs that Sondheim used in the show

"Understanding the Leitmotif" by Matthew Bribitzer-Stull
I can’t recommend this book enough, I find myself combing through it over and over again

Snugboy’s video on adapting Into the Woods:

Sondheim (and Lapine)’s MTI Conversation Piece where they both discuss the show:

Sondheim discussing how he wrote Sweeney Todd:

Also, if you’ve got time, I’d highly recommend checking out Musical Hell’s video on the 2014 remake as well: