The Rainiest Place On Earth

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Huge thanks to Okouchi-San and Dr. Sakai and everyone at NIED and the Large Scale Rainfall Simulator for their time, expertise and access to this amazing facility.

A big thank you to Prof. Olga Mavrouli and Prof. Bill Schulz for their invaluable expertise on the mechanisms of landslides.

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Images & Video:
Miyako, Iwate Tsunami via ANNnewsCH –
Mount Onake Volcano via BBC News –
Typhoon Jebi via Al Jazeera –
East Asia Typhoons via CBC News –
Atami Landslide via The Quint –
Atami Landslide via –
Sendai Earthquake via ANNnewsCH –
Nagasaki Mudslide via The Telegrap –
Wajima Landslide via Guardian News –
Drone Rainfall Test via AIZAWAchan –
Car Rainfall Test via TIER IV –
Rainfall Simulator via NIED –
External Footage of Simulator via NIED –
Landslide Simulations via NIED –
Typhoon Prapiroon via Force Thirteen –
Yanohigashi Floods via CNA –
Japan Floods via The Telegraph –
Japan Floods via euronew –
Typhoon Hagibis via Guardian News –
Typhoon Hagibis via SCMP –
Satellite Imagery of Hagibis via Force Thirteen –
Tokyo Flood Control System via –
Landslides Footage via Underworld –
Norway Landslide via ABC7 –
Planet Destruction via BBC –
B.C. Climate Change Danger via CBC News –
Canada’s Logging Roads via CBC News –

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Written by Petr Lebedev
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Illustrations by Jakub Misiek
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