The Rare Roland SH-7 (1978)

From Alex Ball.

Roland’s first ever synth was the SH-1000 and they’ve added around 20 to that line since then, including the SH-4d that came out just a few months ago.

I’ve played most of them and one always stood out as my favourite having borrowed one some years ago. Unfortunately they’re very rare and hard to find, but after a lucky encounter I managed to finally get one.

0:00 Intro Jam
1:29 The Roland SH-7
2:06 Demo 1: Bit Coin
3:21 Oscillators, Ring Mod & Mixer
6:23 Demo 2: Remix Machine
7:52 Filter, Mod, Envelopes
10:39 Demo 3: Stop Continue
11:48 Why is it rare?
13:03 Who used it?
13:40 Outro Jam

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