The Risinger Build: Episode 2 – Deep Dive on Digital Tools

From The Build Show.

In the second episode of The Risinger Build, the team delves into Builders FirstSource’s cutting-edge Digital Tools. At the Risinger Build HQ, this episode features discussions with Justin from Builders FirstSource, Tim Hill and Chelsea Scharbach who showcases the floor plan of this project in Austin, Texas, highlighting its unique features and challenges.

The conversation transitions to Builder First Source’s Digital Tools, emphasizing the transition from 2D plans to 3D models. Justin demonstrates how their team translates traditional plans into a virtual 3D space, enabling builders to visualize and address potential construction issues beforehand. This process includes structurally solving the model, integrating component designs, and generating material lists.

The team discusses the benefits of Builders FirstSource’s MyBLDR platform, which streamlines collaboration and enhances project planning and execution. From drafters to tradespeople, the platform facilitates seamless communication and problem-solving, ultimately leading to more efficient and cost-effective builds.

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