The Risinger Build: Episode 3 – Under Slab Plumbing & Electrical Plan

From The Build Show.

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Ringer Build series, where construction is underway! In this episode, we delve into underground utilities, primarily plumbing, and a bit of electrical work. Learn about the meticulous planning and execution required for these vital components of construction.

In this episode, we join the team as they discuss the placement and installation of underground plumbing and electrical systems. Brent from Eagle Plumbing provides insights into laying out the water lines, sewer lines, and drain waste vent systems. They meticulously plan the layout, ensuring proper angles and connections to meet code requirements. They discuss the importance of avoiding water damage and the strategic placement of emergency drains. Additionally, they plan for the installation of the water heater and softener, ensuring efficient water distribution throughout the house. The team also considers the placement of electrical conduits and outlets for future convenience. Throughout the discussion, they emphasize the importance of thorough planning and adherence to building codes. As the meeting concludes, they prepare for the next phase of construction, pouring the foundation. With meticulous planning and collaboration, the team ensures that the underground utilities are installed flawlessly, setting the stage for the rest of the build.

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