The Risinger Build: Episode 7 – Window Installation

From The Build Show.

Welcome back to the Risinger Build! Today, we’re diving into the meticulous process of installing two different series of Pella windows and doors, showcasing best practices for durability and efficiency. With a fully framed house and no windows or doors yet, it’s time to get to work.

In this episode, you’ll see the installation of Pella’s Reserve collection windows and the Impervia series. The Reserve collection boasts stunning wood windows with exterior aluminum cladding for long-term durability, and we’ll introduce a game-changing innovation called Steady Set for safer and quicker installation. Meanwhile, the Impervia series, known for its all-fiberglass construction, is perfect for high-humidity areas like bathrooms. We’ll start by prepping the rough opening with Zip System sheathing and stretch tape for a watertight seal, followed by careful installation of the flange window using best practices. Safety tips for second and third-story installations are also covered.

Next, we shift to installing the non-flanged Reserve window using Steady Set brackets, tailored for various wall thicknesses. Jaden from the Pella tech department joins to explain how these brackets offer flexibility for unique wall constructions. We’ll detail the process of measuring and positioning the brackets for a seamless fit, ensuring a flush finish with the interior drywall.

Stay tuned to the end for a complete rundown of both installations, ensuring you have all the knowledge to tackle your window and door projects with confidence. Don’t miss out on the innovative techniques and expert tips showcased in today’s video.

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