The Time Neil Was Almost Struck By A Meteorite

From StarTalk.

Neil deGrasse Tyson recalls a story of an almost deadly brush with fate he had one night while looking up. He recounts it as "the most alarming thing he’s seen in the night sky." This and much more in this StarTalk+ video.

What would alien inhabitants of the Andromeda Galaxy see if they looked in our direction? Can they see our galaxy with the naked eye? What about planets? How come some, like Uranus, rotate in the opposite direction? Neil explains all this and more to comedian Russell Peters in a discussion that is equal parts hilarious and mind-bending.

From an episode of Cosmic Queries, "Everyday Astrophysics":

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0:00 – The Joys of Ignorance
0:59 – How Aliens Would See Us
1:32 – The Most Distant Thing You Can See With the Naked Eye
2:50 – The Most Alarming Thing Neil Saw in the Night Sky
4:46 – Why Some Planets Rotate in the Opposite Direction
5:03 – The Right Hand Rule
6:04 – The Most Important Discovery
7:50 – Stargazing on a Mountaintop