The Unlikely Response to Putin’s War Against Ukraine – Video Essay – A Better Question

From A Better Question.

The unprecedented, worldwide reaction to Putin’s War with Ukraine has been the most rapid, unified response to a global crisis – ever (and it’s made Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy into a historic icon).

This episode is a video essay exploring what makes it different this time, and how changing the limits of what we think is possible might be the first step in fixing everything…one thing at a time.

The world has changed since 1945 – hell, the world has changed since 2005. The newfound ability to access a globe-spanning communication network might be the key to tapping a political will that can’t be ignored. Most of us agree about the change we’d like to see in the world, and making those changes might be as simple as a billion of us saying so at the same time.

Corny as that may sound, the 2020s have already proved several times that "it can’t be done" actually meant we weren’t pissed off enough to try.

We don’t live in Putin’s world, he lives in ours.

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