The Vowel Space

From Dr Geoff Lindsey.

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0:00 Vowels are not discrete
1:50 Vowels and colour
3:40 Resonating cavities and formants
5:40 Synthesizing vowels with Praat Vowel Editor
6:33 Vowels and basic colour terms
8:24 Early phoneticians and the tongue space
9:36 The tongue quadrilateral and MRI
9:54 Daniel Jones & Cardinal Vowels
11:00 The real vowel space explains
14:07 Inconsistent vowel demos
15:07 Consistent vowels with technology
17:05 A 3D vowel space

For more detail, see my published article: Lindsey, G. (2017) ‘Charting the vowel space’, in G. Lindsey & A. Nevins (eds.) Sonic Signatures, John Benjamins, pp 134-144
or see my blog article, which contains both clickable charts
Standalone clickable IPA chart:
MRI vowel demos:
Peter’ Ladefoged’s Vowels and Consonants:
MRI clip by MART Production:
Articulography clip, University of Tartu Phonetics Lab:
Pharyngometer clip:
Cardinal Vowel charts:

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