The Weird Cybertruck bed is actually GREAT for one thing…

From JerryRigEverything.

The Cybertruck has a very uniquely shaped truck bed. But we don’t judge. Grab your own Taiga Snowmobile HERE: and use code ‘JerryRig’ for $500 off. I am a Taiga partner. Today we are trying to fit a Snowmobile in the back of a Tesla Cybertruck, as well as a Ford Lightning and a Rivian R1T. Snow machines are a regular part of life for people who live in the northern states and Canada, and its incredibly cool that the Tesla Cybertruck can charge up the Electric Taiga Nomad while hauling it to and from the mountains. Electric snow machines have no maintenance! The future has arrived!

Watch how Taiga builds their Electric Jet skis HERE:

Thanks to @OurCyberLife for letting me borrow his truck!