There Are TRILLIONS Of Rogue Planets In The Galaxy

From “Joe Scott”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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In today’s Lightning Round video, we look at the upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Telescope, which is predicted to find rogue planets through a process called “microlensing.” It’s predicted that the universe is teeming with rogue planets, which are planets that don’t orbit around a star. Possibly trillions of them. We also discuss the latest in the Covid-19 pandemic and two promising advancements in life extension.

Here are the links to the anti-aging papers that were published this year:

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0:00 – Rogue Planets!
5:17 – The Current State of COVID-19
8:24 – The AWJ Team
10:30 – Breakthroughs With Longevity
15:54 – Advances In AI
20:39 – Sponsor – Henson Shaving