These Toxic Habits Hurt You & Your Fam [Part 4]

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How are #stereotypes affecting our kids? What about toxic masculinity? Gender norms? Outdated assumptions? || This episode was supported by Nebula. Join and support me and other creators: ✨sources & more below the fold ✨

Dads exist in every culture and in every animal on earth and yet, in humans they’re not often studied, and sometimes ignored entirely. In this series, I dug into the importance of dads in human relationships. I learned that #Dads need to be present, engaged, and involved. How having a dad around affects you (for better or worse). That meant exploring what it means to be a dad, whether the kids same-sex parents are any different than those of different-sex parents, how children physiologically change their parents brain, and whether toxic #masculinity and machismo is harming your kids.

00:00 The best intro I have ever done
00:49 American Dad vs Yondu Udonta
02:32 Attachment Theory
04:01 One Provider Stereotype
06:55 There’s no such thing as "less of a man"
08:56 How is Canada doing?
10:47 The Sick Social Cycle
12:19 Here’s a BIG solution for Dads (and every…
13:29 Some Paid Family Leave benefits
17:13 I don’t know if this series is going to do well

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Caring for infants is associated with increased reproductive success for male mountain gorillas
Socioecological theory predicts that male parenting among mammals should be rare due to the large payoffs of prioritizing mating effort over parenting. Although these predictions are generally met, in some promiscuous primate species males overcome this by identifying their offspring, and providing benefits such as protection and resource access.

Bowlby’s Evolutionary Theory of Attachment
The theory of attachment was originally developed by John Bowlby (1907 – 1990), a British psychoanalyst who was attempting to understand the intense distress experienced by infants who had been separated from their parents.

THE ONE WITH THE THREE KINGS (*Britney’s toxic music plays*)
Does Adherence to Masculine Norms Shape Fathering Behavior?
Fathers who more closely adhere to masculine norms are less involved in instrumental and expressive parenting and are more likely to engage in harsh discipline than fathers who are less masculine.

Fathers’ Paternity Leave-Taking and Children’s Perceptions of Father-Child Relationships in the United States

The Sick Social Cycle (this was created by someone from my undergrad and I took this EXACT "workshow" when I was learning about it!)
In escaping a perpetrator’s aversive behavior, the victim unintentionally reinforces that aversive behavior.

A fresh look at paternity leave: Why the benefits extend beyond the personal
Fathers who take leave help their partners, their families, and themselves. In this era of employee mental-health challenges, companies should take notice.

A National Paid Leave Program Would Help Workers, Families
Providing new parents with paid time off to care for newborn or recently adopted children contributes to healthy development, improves maternal health, and enhances families’ economic security.

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