“They could have given him more”: Catalans react as soccer star Dani Alves sentenced to prison

From Global News.

Disgraced Brazilian soccer star Dani Alves was sentenced to four and half years in prison on Thursday after being convicted of sexually assaulting a women at a Barcelona nightclub in 2022.

Alves played for FC Barcelona on two separate occasions and was once hailed a hero in Spain, leaving Catalonian fans and Barcelona residents divided about the revelation.

While many welcomed the conviction, others suggested that the punishment didn’t fit the crime.

“They have done this because he [Alves] is a very well-known person,” an 84-year-old FC Barcelona fan said on Thursday.

After repeatedly changing his side of the story, Catalonia’s top court has ordered Alves to pay 150,000 euros to the victim — who he initially said he did not know, before eventually claiming he partook in consensual relations with her.

The prosecutor sought a nine-year prison term for Alves, while the victim requested 12 years. The court sentenced him to four and a half, however, considering that he opted to pay the victim compensation fees regardless of the trial’s outcome. Alves’ lawyer told reporters that she believes her client is innocent.

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