This Video is About Electroadhesion.

From Reactions.

How would you stick a slice of banana to a sheet of copper? Until a few months ago, you couldn’t. But a new discovery called “hard-soft electroadhesion” enables chemists to stick almost any hydrogel to almost any metal, using nothing but an electric current. Join George as he tries to replicate electroadhesion in his basement and discovers what it has in common with superglue… and, surprisingly, water.


Executive Producer: Matthew Radcliff

Andrew Sobey
Elaine Seward
Darren Weaver

Writer & Host: George Zaidan

Scientific Consultants:
Michelle Boucher, Ph.D.
Rigoberto C. Advincula, PhD
Leila Duman, Ph.D.
Srinivasa R. Raghavan, Ph.D.
Wenhao Xu

Executive in Charge for PBS: Maribel Lopez
Director of Programming for PBS: Gabrielle Ewing
Assistant Director of Programming for PBS: John Campbell

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