Tiny Apartment TOUR – I custom-built EVERYTHING for maximum storage efficiency

From Get Hands Dirty.

Welcome to the Tiny Apartment TOUR! I custom-built everything inside this 31sqm/333sqft space located in Porto, Portugal.
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Complete list of projects https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUH_Nd_-hJHw4qVMC78U_VICX20nh7FvC
I’ve got woodworking plans available for some of the projects here https://gethandsdirty.com/shop
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My new intro song! https://on.soundcloud.com/hrJ9d

List of songs:
It All Comes to This – GET HANDS DIRTY
Luc Allieres – Pickin the Creep
Stefano Mastronardi – Me and You
Stefano Mastronardi – Spirit de Milán
The Original Orchestra – The Swindler
Chad Tuthill – Still Barkin
Novembers – The Beat Detector
Bob Hart – Paw Prints
Yoav Ilan – Sky Blue
Aves – Day Off
Southside Aces – Is Leroy on It
Randy Sharp – Rohi
Notize – Sleepless

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Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/gethandsdirty

Here’s my PO Box:

Cristiana Felgueiras
Apartado 43
Batalha – Porto
4031 – 401 Porto