Tony Banks’ Old Synth

From Alex Ball.

Following on from our look at Genesis SP-12 sounds, here’s a look at Tony Banks’ Roland JD-800 that he used live throughout the 1990s.

In this video, we have a listen to the tour patches stored on the instrument and get a little glimpse into how Genesis did things in front of stadiums full of adoring fans.

Huge thank you to Andrew Ward for the loan of this historic instrument.
Andrew Ward:

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Patch 1: Invisible Touch
2:51 Patch 2: Home by the sea Pt 1
4:11 Patch 3: Home by the sea Pt 2
5:33 Patch 4: Domino
6:48 Patch 5: In the cage Pt 1
7:42 Patch 6: In the cage Pt 2
8:24 Patch 7: Mama
9:46 Patch 8: Follow you, follow me
10:31 Patch 9: Watcher of the skies
11:37 Quick Fire: Carpet Crawlers, Abacab, MB
13:04 Outro