Twelve Threads

From Vihart.

This video is… itself. Good job, video!

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Want to make your own BTS Octahedron? has lots of files and links. Also see the previous video:

If you want to attempt to make the thing at the end of this video (spoilers) you can, but I must say I don’t recommend it to those without a lot of experience with these kinds of things. I know some of you out there who will definitely go ahead and make it even without a pattern because these things are in your nature too (you know who you are), so to make your lives easier, here:

00:00 Beginning
00:27 Dice: Wrong About Numbering?
01:58 Comments: COPPA
03:51 Symmetry: Having IDEAS
05:20 Dice 2: Is My Octahedron Wrong?
10:50 Comments 2: Clickocracy
12:44 Symmetry 2: Failure.
15:55 Dice 3: MORE DATA
24:43 Comments 3: “Influencer”
26:45 Symmetry 3: Stubborn Failure
28:15 Comments 4: Comfort with Not Knowing
29:27 Symmetry 4: Wrapping Up
31:19 Dice 4: ??
36:04 End