UK Election charts are a nightmare

From Standup Mathematician.

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Thanks to Dave Rowntree for taking time out on the campaign trail to help with this video: Dave Rowntree for Mid Sussex

Thanks to Count Binface to for taking time out from commanding great swaths of our galaxy to peer-pressure me into this video: Count Binface for Richmond and Northallerton

Catch Count Binface on his debut comedy tour across the UK this September/October!

This is the BBC article I showed: “Tactical voting: What to watch out for on leaflets telling you who can win your seat”

The excellent More or Less covered bad leaflet charts as well.

Watch the rest of Sky News grilling Reform over their 1066 plot.

Excellent video on voting systems by Primer.

Here’s my book Love Triangle I keep pointing at:

FULL DISCLOSURE: as well as being an official Counting Agent for the Count Binface Party I did also donate my own money to help pay for getting all the flyers printed. The print shop demanded Earth Monday and refused to accept Galactic Blemflarcks.

Huge thanks to my Patreon supporters. Even though I don’t think I can legally spend their money on this video.

– None yet, let me know if you spot anything!

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Space lasers by Count Binface
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