Ultimate Guide to Virtualization: Run MacOS, Linux, and Windows all at once on the same machine!

From Dave’s Garage.

Dave explores virtualization and hypervisors, including both Type 1 (Proxmox, Hyper-V) and Type 2 (Virtual PC, VirtualBox), For info on my book on ASD/Asperger’s, please check out: https://amzn.to/47ItFnR

00:00 🖥 Virtualization allows one piece of hardware to host multiple operating systems simultaneously, managed by a hypervisor.
02:51 🛠 There are two main types of hypervisors: Type 1 (directly manages hardware) and Type 2 (works through a host operating system).
03:48 🏠 Hypervisors keep virtual machines isolated, like different people sharing a house with their own space and resources.
04:15 💻 Hardware virtualization requires CPU support, and Type 1 software hypervisors can have minimal overhead (as low as 1%).
07:55 🧠 Proxmox is a type 1 hypervisor based on Linux, capable of hosting multiple OS installations.
09:17🖥 Virtual machines can be configured with specific CPU cores, memory allocations, and disk space limits in Proxmox.
12:48 🔄 Nested virtualization (running a hypervisor within a hypervisor) is possible for testing purposes but not typically used in production.
13:46 🧬 Virtual machines can be backed up and restored easily for disaster recovery, providing a high level of protection.
18:40 🪐 WSL 2 integrates Linux into Windows using a lightweight VM with minimal overhead for seamless interoperability between the two systems.