US-Iran prisoner swap: 5 Americans freed in deal that also unfreezes $6 billion for Tehran

From Global News.

U.S. officials received five freed Americans released by Tehran, after they disembarked from a Qatari plane at Doha International Airport on Monday.

Switzerland’s ambassador to Iran accompanied them on the plane to Doha, a Reuters witness added.

Earlier, the five U.S. detainees had flown out of Iran in a swap for five Iranians held in the United States, in a rare deal between the arch enemies that also unfroze $6 billion of Tehran’s funds.

The deal, after months of talks in Qatar, removes a major irritant between the U.S., which brands Tehran a sponsor of terrorism, and Iran, which calls Washington the "Great Satan."

But they remain deeply divided on other issues ranging from Iran’s nuclear program and its influence around the region, to U.S. sanctions and America’s ongoing military presence in the Persian Gulf.

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