USA Knabe Baby Grand – Model 50 – Living Pianos

From LivingPianos.
Here is a Knabe baby grand made in the U.S.A. Knabe is one of the great American piano companies which had the distinction of being the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera, and was the choice of many professional musicians.

There are many design elements that produce a warm, rich sound that other pianos of this size lack. The quality of the solid spruce soundboard is at the heart of a great Knabe. More than that, it is supported by a hardwood rim, which helps produce a more sustained tone. The wet sand cast plate also avoids any metallic quality of sound sometimes present in lesser Asian production pianos.

Knabe (like Mason & Hamlin) has a wider tail, which allows for a larger soundboard area. So you get the tone of a larger piano with a smaller footprint in your home. This piano has not had much play and has been reconditioned to play on a high level with regulation, voicing, string adjustments, damper regulation, as well as tuning, which is very stable.

The piano has its original matching bench, which speaks volumes about the gentle care the piano has received in its life since benches don’t last as long as pianos. If you appreciate the sound and quality of hand-built American pianos, this Knabe would be a great instrument for you.