Volkswagen’s Electric ID. Buzz: A Bus Full Of Tech | Ars Technica

From Ars Technica.

Ars Technica Automotive Editor Jonathan Gitlin shares his first impressions of Volkswagen’s long-awaited electric minibus, the ID. Buzz. From exploring the interior full of playful touches to outlining what we know about the specs, find out how successful VW was in swapping flower power for battery power.

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Specs
0:34 Background
0:57 First Impressions
1:15 What Jumped Out
1:49 The Size
2:45 Practicalities and Impracticalities
3:36 There’s Buzz About The Buzz
4:35 Most Surprising Feature
4:56 Translating Into Production
6:19 What About The Cons?
6:43 Summary

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