VW And Rivian’s Deal Is A Good Thing – As Long As Everything Happens As It Should

From Transport Evolved.

Last week, Rivian and Volkswagen announced a surprise partnership in the form of a new joint venture that will see the pair develop a jointly-owned next-generation platform for software-defined electric vehicles.

If followed through on, the deal will cost Volkswagen an estimated $5 billion, and could change the fortunes of both companies and their respective EV lineups. But while it’s good news, here’s our take on the deal, a reminder of previous deals we’ve seen in the industry – and our thoughts on what might happen.


00:00 – Introduction
01:15 – Specifics of the deal
04:11 – Risks
05:48 – Not a done deal… yet…
06:24 – Why both comapnies NEED This deal
09:16 – This is common in the automotive industry
10:49 – Past EV partnerships
14:06 – How Rivian and Volkswagen’s partnership might be different
14:57 – Thanks, and Goodbye!

Presenter, Script, Audio: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Camera, Editor, Colorist: M. Horton
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2024

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