Watch our Safety Videos if you Want to Live

From Corridor Crew.

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Inspired by OSHA’s lack of Darwin Award-related workplace safety videos, the Crew takes your lives into their own hands! Remember, death waits around every corner!

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Chapters ►
0:00 The Avengers of Safety Videos
2:36 Sharing our Safety Videos
3:39 Niko’s Render, Fear the Gear
5:04 Browser Safety
6:17 Alain’s Render, The Ride of a Deathtime
9:04 Emmett The Intern’s Render, A Plane Bad Decision
10:45 Wren’s Wrender, Going on a Joy-Died
12:47 Jallen’s Render, Flip Flop Flub
15:49 And the Winner Is…
16:49 The Ultimate Safety Video