We Made Danny DeVito WOLVERINE!

From Corridor Crew.

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Jallen and Matt set out to prove that Danny DeVito would make a perfect Wolverine by making their very own Wolverito. Somebody’s gonna get stabbed!

Honorable Mentions;
– Thanks to Daniel Zeni, who made the original Wolverito model ► https://danielzeni.artstation.com/projects/oz41z
– Thanks to Epic Trailer Music UK for the score ► https://www.youtube.com/c/EpicTrailerMusicUK
– Rokoko ► Check out their Motion Capture Products: https://rokoko.co/corridor-video
– Cascadeurs ► Ai Animation Software: https://bit.ly/cascadeurAi
– Thanks to Adam who gave us a great Danny DeVito model that we weren’t able to use because we ran out of time ► https://www.youtube.com/@Adamocg | https://www.artstation.com/adamocg
– Thanks to Andrew, who re-created Wolverito from scratch.

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Chapters ►
00:00 Deadpool 3
00:37 Why DeVito?
02:07 Comp Shots
03:46 Advanced Shots
04:39 Paddy’s Pub
05:42 The Hunt for Wolverito
06:41 The Fight Scene
08:34 Animation
09:53 Final Shot
11:10 Reveal
11:54 The Trailer