What happened to the USS Arizona? (Pearl Harbor)

From Jared Owen.

This is the story of the USS Arizona – the famous battleship that was destroyed at Pearl Harbor.
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👏Big thanks to my video reviewers:
Ryan Szimanski – Curator for Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial
Paul Stillwell – Author of book "Battleship Arizona: An Illustrated History"

00:37-Start of World War 2
02:09-Airzona History
03:28-Outside of USS Arizona
05:40-Inside Turret
07:58-Arizona Decks
14:23-Watch More

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🟠This animation was made with Blender 3.6 (Cycles Render)

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A Seat At The Table by Salon Dijon
Beyond All Time by Moments
Depth of Loss by Cody Martin
The Recovery by CJ-0
Avoiding Mutiny by Cody Martin
Beat The System by Cody Martin

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📼Video Summary:
The USS Arizona is the famous battleship was destroyed during the Attack on Pearl Harbor – Dec 7, 1941. It was commissioned in 1916 and traveled to many place throughout the world. The battleship has 4 triple turrets – making a total of twelve 14inch guns. Loading one of these turrets involves Powder Hoists, Shell Hoists, the Mechanical Rammer, Platform Trays, and Breech Block. The ship had 8 decks, the ships engines and boiler rooms were located on the bottom deck. The bomb that destroyed the Arizona landed by turret #2 and probably landed in one of the magazine rooms. The explosion killed most of the men on board. Today there is a memorial constructed overtop of the Arizona – you can see this in person if you visit Hawaii. The Shrine Room contains the names of all those that were killed on the Arizona.

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