What is a poop transplant, and how does it work? – Kathryn M. Stephenson and David L. Suskind

From TED Ed.

Dig into the science of fecal microbial transplantation, where doctors transfer feces into a patient to help reset their gut microbiome.

1,700 years ago, Chinese alchemist Ge Hong was renowned for his soup that could cure diarrhea-stricken patients. It had a surprising secret ingredient: feces. While it might seem unwise to consume feces, exciting new research suggests that taking poop into the body in other ways might benefit our health. Kathryn M. Stephenson & David L. Suskind share the science of fecal microbial transplantation.

Lesson by Kathryn M. Stephenson and David L. Suskind, directed by Luisa Holanda.

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