What is the Kaaba?

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Host: Andrew Henry, PhD
Managing Editor: Andrew Aghapour, PhD
Writer: Matthew Hotham, PhD
Production Assistant: Casey A’Hearn
Special thanks to Filip Holm for reading an early draft of the script! Check out his channel at @LetsTalkReligion

The Kaaba is the most sacred site in Islam. Located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, it’s the focal point for millions of Muslims worldwide both for the annual Hajj pilgrimage and the direction Muslims face during daily prayers.

00:00 The Basics
4:02 A Tour around the Kaaba
7:30 History of the Kaaba
10:49 Muhammad and the Kaaba
13:30 Qibla Explored in Depth
14:48 Qibla in Spaaaaace
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