What was Alan doing in LA last week?

From Cinema Therapy.

The Writer’s Guild of America is on strike. There are a whole lot of reasons https://www.wgacontract2023.org/member-voices/why-we-strike but the TL;DR is, writers are getting paid less for doing more work. They aren’t getting residuals (how they pay for health care and retirement) from shows on streaming networks, and they want guarantees that companies won’t try to replace them with A.I.

I support the writers. They create the movies and shows we talk about on our show!

And as a director, believe me when I say: No director or actor can make a script _better_. We can certainly make them worse, we can make them feel different, we can bring our own creativity to the table, but no one ever made a good movie from a bad script, and LOADS of bad movies have been made from great scripts.

It starts with the writers.