What’s Up With Superconductors? With Neil deGrasse Tyson

From StarTalk.

What’s up with superconductivity? Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks down what superconductivity means and how it could help change society.

What is regular conductivity versus superconductivity? Neil breaks down electrical currents and the voltage that keeps them flowing. Why is a room-temperature superconductor so hard to achieve? Are superconductors scalable for larger society? What would it mean for society to have a high-temperature superconductor?

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00:00 – What is Conductivity?
1:48 – What is Superconductivity?
2:37 – How Can We Use Superconductors?
4:22 – Can We Make A Room Temperature Superconductor?
5:35 – Magnetic Fields & Supercolliders