Why Are There no Women in Jackass?

From Internet Impact.

Everyone loves a good thrill; whether that be a scary movie, a tough hike, or rollercoaster. These activities are enough to get the heart pumping, but at the same time they’re safe. However, there are a select number of individuals who seek thrills that are extreme to the point that the activity puts the participant at the risk of death. Skydiving, BASE jumping, and urban climbing are just few examples of this extreme risk taking. These thrill seekers seem to be going beyond the basic human instinct of survival. Why do they do this? And why are these individuals disproportionally male? In this video we look at something called the “Crazy B*stered Hypothesis”.

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Video Produced by Donna
Writers: Donna & Dr. Matt Rossano
Editor: Matthew Roe
Cam Op and Sound: Marygold and Jewel Martinez