Why Daylight Savings is a Costly Mistake

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0:00 What is going on with Daylight Saving Time?
1:38 Why do we even have daylight saving?
2:59 Daylight saving time is a confusing mess
3:56 How daylight time screws up our body clocks
6:23 The Sunshine “Protection” Act
10:00 Countries that have scrapped daylight saving time
11:27 Do less
11:50 The procrastination club

Daylight Saving Time, explained.
Daylight saving, or summer time, should be scrapped. Sleep scientists HATE Daylight saving – and a lot of people think this is because of the bad effects on sleep around when the clocks actually change. BUT it’s more to do with the fact that on Daylight time, your circadian rhythm, sunlight and the clock are out of sync, which can lead to more nuanced bad health impacts. Many countries (like Mexico, the EU) have recently passed laws to stay on Standard Time. BUT the US is in the process of passing a bill (the "Sunshine Protection Act") that would make Daylight saving time permanent (It’s been approved by the senate and is now being considered by the house of reps). It has been driven by lobby groups, namely for the golf industry and shopping, because consumer spending increases when it’s lighter later in the day. It’s bizarre (but not surprising!) that the clocks would permanently change in a way that would be terrible for health to increase consumer spending.

There’s so many, there’s a doc for it. All studies, images and transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZrlHQMHcC7VGdHi-0sWrMEMm3RVNsi2Nk3XY3-DXYhc/edit?usp=sharing

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