Why Do Hundreds of Icebergs Keep Visiting This Town?

From PBS Terra.

Iceberg Alley gained infamy after the Titanic sunk in its deadly waters in 1912. Nicknamed by the Coast Guard, this geological oddity has since become a staple of everyday life for the communities along Newfoundland’s Northeast Coast. Each spring, hundreds of icebergs drift down the coast, bringing diverse marine life and a robust tourism industry. What are these icebergs doing all the way down in this sub-Arctic region? And why is it imperative that we keep our eyes on them?

Untold Earth explores the seeming impossibilities behind our planet’s strangest, most unique natural wonders. From fragile, untouched ecosystems to familiar but unexplained occurrences in our own backyard, this series chases insight into natural phenomena through the voices that know them best.

Untold Earth is produced in partnership with Atlas Obscura and Nature.

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