Why Do Mainframes Still Exist? What’s Inside One? 40TB, 200+ Cores, AI, and more!

From Dave’s Garage.

Dave explores the IBM z16 mainframe from design to assembly and testing. What’s inside a modern IBM z16 mainframe that makes it relevant today? For info on my book on ASD/Asperger’s, please check out: https://amzn.to/47ItFnR

0:00 Introduction
4:47 Inside the z16
7:03 Super Input Output
9:39 Factory Assembly
10:56 Accelerators
12:24 Test Lab
13:50 DIMM installation
14:42 Water Cooling
16:49 Why Mainframes?
18:20 Fiber
19:47 Conclusions

Around 5:30, the CPUs are LGA(Land Grid Array), not PGA
At about 7:07 should be 200 cores, not 256.
At 20:03, they now achieve eight nines of reliability for both z16 and its Linux-only counterpart, the IBM LinuxONE 4. In a LinuxONE config, max RAM is 48TB.