Why does Vegas have its own value of pi?

From Standup Mathematician.

UPDATE: They fixed the website! And we got a photo of the pi wall! https://youtu.be/iW1MZWBZbQU

Here is the value of "Vegas Pi":

Read all about the Sphere and science:

Thanks to Linus Boman for the help! Check out their excellent videos: https://www.youtube.com/@LinusBoman

Here is Linus’s post on Mastodon with type nerds chiming in: https://typo.social/@timesnewboman/111279740233741511

Thanks to Kelly Bruce for sending in the mistake!

I’ve sent Sphere Entertainment Co. a copy of this fixed image. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/chpw4bu2bis4lhc4q3999/pi-eq-1.png?rlkey=kws3l79kffgl8zovigsqd8ace&dl=0

If you’d like to see it, this is my pi layout which tipped me off to the possible alignment. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/3ku5gmisysw54dte8oj0o/pi_text_layout.jpg?rlkey=sp4xhmgspcultpazfryskhu0s&dl=0

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