Why Our Universe Exists in Three Dimensions

From StarTalk.

Are the constraints imposed by a third dimension the optimal organizing force in our universe? What would happen if we inhabited higher spacial dimensions? Neil deGrasse Tyson and Janna Levin try to wrap their head around the implications of dimensions—both large and small—in this profound highlight.

Is it possible that the universe is a loop, and that light from earlier versions of ourselves keeps making its way back to us? Are we simply seeing a reflection when we see young galaxies in the distance? Find out on this mind-bending highlight from StarTalk+.

From the episode ‘Cosmic Queries – Edge of the Universe’: https://youtu.be/Ek3VqAED2wo?si=QEibRFzv-qXBI4cp

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0:00 – Are We Looking Back on Ourselves?
1:40 – Extra Spacial Dimensions
4:02 – Why Is Our Universe 3D?
6:43 – How To Visualize the Second Dimension
7:17 – What is Dark Energy?