William Shatner Has Questions for Neil deGrasse Tyson

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What is the value of curiosity? Neil deGrasse Tyson sits down with William Shatner to explore the nature of spacetime, Star Trek, human curiosity, loneliness, and more. How would warp drive work?

What is William Shanter’s favorite Star Trek episode? Learn about the question Stephen Hawking had for Bill and the secret power of science fiction. Bill talks about what it was like to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon after Star Trek was originally canceled. We discuss Artemis, our return to the moon, and how we can create a base there. Will there be enough water on the moon for people to use?

Neil breaks down how water can be used for fuel and how humans have harnessed the power of physics. We discuss Bill’s new documentary You Can Call Me Bill and some philosophical points about science. Are electrons lonely? We explore the difference between being lonely and being alone and the nature of curiosity. Is human curiosity a double-edged sword? Is there anything left on Bill’s bucket list? Plus, Bill asks if living beings like mycelia could be analogs for the universe’s structure.

Why is it spacetime and not space and time separately? What is the vacuum of space made of? Discover virtual particles and how the fabric of spacetime may be a web made of wormholes. We break down dark energy and dark matter, and why their names may be misleading. To end, we discuss old age and wisdom: do they go together?

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00:00 – Introduction: William Shatner
01:41 – What is Bill’s Favorite Star Trek Episode?
6:15 – Star Trek’s Cancellation & Walking on the Moon
10:54 – Water on the Moon & In-situ Resource Utilization
17:53 – Harnessing the Power of Physics
19:12 – You Can Call Me Bill, William Shatner’s Documentary
21:31 – Are Electrons Lonely?
22:42 – More on Loneliness
26:14 – On Curiosity: Is It Good or Bad?
33:04 – Are Trees and Analog to the Structure of the Universe?
42:10 – StarTalk Patreon
43:51 – Why is it Space-time?
49:20 – The Mystery of Dark Energy & Dark Matter
51:35 – On Wisdom & Getting Older