200-Hour Ramen

From Alvin Zhou.

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I’ve always wanted to spend a nice week or two making ramen from scratch. This a shoyu tonkotsu ramen, with braised chashu, marinated amber yolk eggs, scallions, garlic-scallion-shallot aroma oil, pickled shiitake kombu, and fresh noodles from my favorite ramen shop in NYC.

I used a lot of techniques from extremely passionate and knowledgeable people in the ramen world, such as:

Keizo Shimamoto: https://www.instagram.com/goramen/
Way of Ramen: @WayofRamen
Mike Satinover (u/Ramen_Lord): https://www.instagram.com/ramen__lord/
Tonchin Ramen: https://www.instagram.com/tonchinus/?hl=en

music by @CityGirlMusic
Echo of A Rose
soundlessly in the wind like lost souls
Winter Fields (ft. mklachu)
Left Blue
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also music by @HOYOMiX and Yu-Peng Chen
Before Dawn, at the Winery
The Fading Stories
Moon in One’s Cup
Goodnight, Liyue
Cozy Company
Peaceful Hike

Thank you all for watching, see you around (: