3D Rigging is Beautiful, Here’s How It Works!

From Doodley.

Rigging is the key to making a 3D character ready to animate, but everyone finds it so intimidating. Even I was afraid of it at first. But now I find it beautiful, so I want to show you how it works!
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Video by David Oneacre
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Music by Jayfoo
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Made with the help of Jellybox Studio!
Producer: Sean Aitchison
Voice Over Editing: Clem
Special Thanks to Gene Goldstein

Gimberly uses kamone’s toon shader, which you can find here:

List of Maya rigs collected by Animation Methods: https://animationmethods.com/rigs.html

Rigging reels shown at the end:
Cole O’Brien, Just Cause 4 Pipeline Tools: https://vimeo.com/obriencole
Chris Luckenbach, Wildstar Rigging Reel 2015: https://youtu.be/ji_xuvS8YY0
Olov Burman/Mindbender Studio, The Food Thief RIGG: https://olovburman.com/foodthief
Blender Studio, Sprite Fright Open Movie Showreel: https://youtu.be/X4MXWcx4jUA
Martin Gunnarsson and Tyrel Scott, Yum Yummy Making-of: https://deerstranger.com/project/yum-yummy
0:00 Intro
0:36 Skeletons
3:32 Skinning
7:13 Controls
12:19 Outro