A long-winded 1-year ownership report on my Hyundai Ioniq 5

From Technology Connections.

Almost entirely good!

00:00 Intro / overall thoughts
01:14 My car’s paint is s p e c i a l
03:32 I had an oopsie
04:31 Problems getting it repaired
10:10 I got bitten by the 12V battery discharge bug
16:30 Charge scheduling issues
20:06 A tangent about new car reliability
23:30 Other incidental issues
25:57 I’m really happy with it – and why
32:19 Efficiency (HEAT PUMPS FOR THE WIN)
37:49 Highway Driving Assist
40:35 Two HDA glitches
44:56 A small Android Auto glitch
46:50 The stereo is… okay
48:10 Some controls are buried
49:45 The car really should have a rear wiper
51:25 The Brake Lights Are Bad
58:00 Some HDA behavior could be better
1:05:36 Recap? I guess?