AI Just Changed Everything … Again

From Undecided with Matt Ferrell.

AI Just Changed Everything … Again. Go to and get 20% off your subscription and a 30 day free trial with! Let’s stop pretending AI is new. I’ve been thinking a lot about generative AI lately. It’s kind of hard not to with the latest ChatGPT announcement. The technologies we’re witnessing are powerful, impressive, and developing fast. But let’s take a hard look at the structure behind it. The AI of the 2020s isn’t new. But its consequences are. If you’re watching this, they’ve already affected you. So how should we, the public, respond to tools that rely upon more data than we could ever fathom? How can they change our relationship to work? And…do we need to panic?

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00:00 – Let’s Stop Pretending AI Is New
02:19 – AI Isn’t New
09:11 – Why Are People So Concerned?
14:50 – What Does All This Mean?
17:38 – What Do We Do?