Atomic Layer Deposition of copper – If you like sputtering, you’ll love this!

From Applied Science.

An explanation and demo of atomic layer deposition (ALD) of copper metal on glass. Precursors are copper(I) chloride and hydrogen, processed in a hot-wall tube quartz tube furnace.

10 torr operating pressure
500 sccm argon sweep/purge gas constantly flowing
75 sccm CuCl argon pulse gas (17 seconds including flow controller lag)
100 sccm H pulse gas (14 seconds including flow controller lag)
7 second purge time between pulses
100mm quartz tube furnace diameter
415*C deposition temperature
350*C CuCl evaporation temperature
Substrates are mostly borosilicate glass cleaned with RCA clean
The "good" samples shown in the video are about 750 cycles (about 9 hours

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