Baldwin Art-Case Grand Piano – Living Pianos

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This is an Artist Series Baldwin made in the U.S.A. when Baldwin was still on the top of their game. The piano is in virtually new condition since it was a treasured furniture piece, barely played, and incredibly well cared for.

The model 226 is the same scale design as the model R with the addition of the hand-carved case with exotic wood veneers. So it is a great instrument as well as being a stunning piece of furniture.

This particular Baldwin has an unusually clear, singing tone in the treble which is evocative of the finest European pianos, yet with the warmth of the great American pianos which is the trademark of the great Baldwin pianos from years past..

Having a Baldwin from this period is such a rare find since it was at the tail end of Baldwin piano manufacturing in this country. This is a world-class piano in phenomenal condition.