Big Oil Is Coming For Your EV – And It’s Using Politicians To Do So

From Transport Evolved.

As we barrel toward the end of the first half of this year, we’ve already seen plenty of very important, pivotal elections take place around the world. In the second half of the year, even more will take place.

But while we’ve discussed the importance of being a politically active citizen before, this year’s election cycles are shaping up to be ever darker, thanks to the influence the oil industry seemingly has over governments and candidates.

Thanks to excellent journalism and on-the-record statements from candidates, we’re now seeing just how far the oil and gas industry wants to take us back – and that could influence the EVs you buy – and just how much public funds is sent to continue the status quo of pollution.

Strap in.


00:00 – Introduction
03:05 – Donald Trump’s Promises To Oil Executives
04:57 – Outside influences aren’t unusual
05:54 – OIl and Gas aren’t about to give up
06:46 – Different countries have different rules
07:15 – America’s big problem
07:52 – Citizen-run or secretly funded?
08:26 – Even in stricter-run campaigns, Influence can be purchased
09:38 – Following breadcrumbs
10:05 – Overt promises (like Donald Trump’s) are rare
12:06 – British PM’s ties to Oil and Gas
13:38 – Yes, politics is messy
14:00 – The EV industry has lobbists too.
14:49 – How do you follow the breadcrumbs?
16:15 – Sites to help you
19:09 – Volunteer!
20:33 – Tactical Voting?
23:21 – Thanks, and Goodbye!



Washington Post – Trump Oil Executives:
Politico – Oil execs drafting legislation:
UK Prime Minister tied to oil:
Opensecrets: (Covers multiple countries)

Oil Companies KNEW:
Why EVS need you to care about politics :

Presenter, Script, Audio: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Camera, Editor, Colorist: M. Horton
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2024

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