Big Oxygen

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All artwork kindly illustrated by Valeia. She has been ridiculously patient with me and you can find more of her stuff here ►
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Music used ►

Mehendi Rachnewali by Sidhant Kapoor:

And an orchestral arrangement of Wedding Day at Troldhaugen by Grieg. A piano version you might enjoy instead:

Unnecessary bonus trivia ►

This one started in 2021 when I was listening to some top-tier Hungarian-Romani folk music (Csilavtu by Kalyi Jag, if you’re curious). It clearly sounded like two people arguing about truth on the bridge of a starship, which seemed as though it might go into a story somewhere. I tried quite hard to buy the rights to the music because no other music would do for the story. Well that didn’t go so well and I lost a bunch of sleep and emails over it, but thought the story might work without it anyway. No problem, I’ll be done with the whole project in a month tops, I thought. That was over a year ago now. My hair is greyer since, and I never got the rights to the track, and I’m beginning to lose the will to live, but you can’t deny two people were getting kinda passive-aggressive on the bridge of a starship. And isn’t that really what life is all about?

Thank you for watching, as always. You’re ever so kind.