US airdrops thousands of meals into Gaza | March 5, 2024

From CNN 10. Today on CNN 10 we break down the meaning of Super Tuesday as voters cast ballots for presidential nominees across the country. Then, CNN’s Paula Hanckocks brings us the latest on Gaza where the US recently dropped emergency humanitarian assistance by air. Next, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Doctor Sanjay Gupta explains updates…

Black History Month Figures: Max Robinson

From CNN 10. CNN 10’s Coy Wire highlights Max Robinson, the first Black person to anchor a nightly network news show on ABC’s “World News Tonight”. Robinson was also an outspoken critic of racism and of the way African Americans were portrayed in the media. #cnn #news #blackhistorymonth

New AI tool can create videos from text | February 20, 2024

From CNN 10. Today on CNN 10, take a look at footage from Sora, a new AI model from the makers of ChatGPT who claim they can create artificially generated videos that look realistic. We also cover the death of Alexey Navalny, a well-known critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Finally, we profile two trailblazing…

Black History Month Figures: Fritz Pollard

From CNN 10. CNN 10’s Coy Wire highlights Fritz Pollard, the first black coach in the NFL. Before breaking that barrier, Pollard attended Brown University in 1916 and became the first black player ever at the school. He was one of only two black players in the American Professional Football Association, the league that would…

Black History Month Figures: Sandra Douglass Morgan

From CNN 10. CNN 10’s Coy Wire highlights Las Vegas Raiders President Sandra Douglass Morgan, who became the first black woman in history to be named the president of an NFL team. Morgan was also the first black city attorney in the state of Nevada during her time as North Las Vegas’ chief legal officer.…

A thousand years in a single photograph | February 8, 2024

From CNN 10. Today on CNN 10, discover what the Supreme Court justices will and won’t be deciding in former President Donald Trump’s ballot eligibility case. Our team will also look at the impact AI-generated deepfakes could have on elections. And we’ll show you a camera that will be capturing a single photograph over a…

19 galaxies in never-before-seen detail | February 6, 2024

From CNN 10. Today on CNN 10, an overview of the $118-billion proposed deal to secure the US-Mexico border and provide aid to Israel and Ukraine. We also look at what’s next after a nationalist leader made history in Northern Ireland. Finally, we’ll look at the images from The James Webb Space Telescope that captured…

Black History Month Figures: Garrett Morgan

From CNN 10. CNN 10’s Coy Wire highlights inventor Garrett Morgan, who patented a precursor to the gas masks used by World War I soldiers and also came up with the idea many of us see every day while driving: a three-signal traffic light. #cnn #news #blackhistorymonth

Black History Month Figures: Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander

From CNN 10. CNN 10’s Coy Wire highlights influential civil rights activist Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, who became the first black person to receive a Ph.D. in economics in the country. She went on to become an advocate for equal rights and was appointed by President Harry Truman to his Committee on Civil Rights. #cnn…

How right is Punxsutawney Phil? | February 2, 2024

From CNN 10. Today on CNN 10, an overview of weather predictions on Groundhog’s Day. We’ll take you inside the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where tech executives faced grueling scrutiny for the impact of their social media platforms on young users. And finally, a mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart’s final flight may finally be solved.

Why this latest discovery in space is exciting astronomers

From CNN 10. Astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope spotted life-giving water molecules in an exoplanet’s atmosphere about 97 light-years away from Earth. The discovery about this planet, called GJ 9827d, can be significant for astronomers to help find other potential water-rich atmospheres in the galaxy. #cnn #news #space #science

Doctoral student’s quest for ancient ice goes viral

From CNN 10. 27-year-old doctoral student Austin Carter has become a social media hit by sharing his journey, along with other researchers, to Antarctica in search of ice millions of years old. As CNN affiliate WXYZ explains, this quest could reveal rare information about our Earth. #cnn #news #science