Color Grading GoPro FPV Drone Shots in DaVinci Resolve – My Workflow and Nodetree without LUTs

From SirM.

My first ever tutorial about color grading GoPro FPV Drone Shots in DaVinci Resolve. In this tutorial you will learn my basic workflow on grading FPV drone footage coming of a GoPro.

In order to keep this tutorial as short as possible, I did not go in-depth on every tool I’m using. If you’re not sure about something feel free to ask or check out other tutorials on youtube as there are plenty out there about pretty much every aspect of color grading!

00:00 – INTRO
01:09 – Node Tree Explanation
02:31 – Setting up color management (optional)
03:50 – Analyzing the shot
04:49 – Grading the FPV Shot
17:11 – Recap
18:40 – Conclusion
19:07 – Result

If you want to know more about certain steps let me know in the comments and I’m happy to answer them or create more tutorials if requested!

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Thanks for watching!