Comic Sans* just got a serious upgrade

From Linus Boman.

Three reasons why Comic Sans was good actually, three reasons why it’s time to upgrade with one notable exception. Featuring @ShantellMartin and @ArrowType – check out for more details. Thanks to @answerinprogress and @nationsquid for their guest appearances.

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0:00 Meet Shantell Sans, the new Comic Sans.
0:59 The Origin of Comic Sans
1:54 The Rise – Universal distribution meets universal appeal
3:13 Overexposure – Comic Sans become inescapable
4:39 The Backlash – Comic Sans gets cancelled
5:40 3 reasons to hate Comic Sans
9:05 I have a newsletter. And no sponsor.
9:24 3 reasons Comic Sans is good, actually
9:29 1) Fun & friendly
10:16 Aside – Thank Comic Sans for Calibri?
11:10 2) Easy to use & flexible
12:18 3) Easy to read
13:57 Ripoffs and relatives of Comic Sans
15:14 Why Shantell Sans is different, and 3 ways it’s better
15:52 1) Attention to detail
17:44 2) Authenticity
18:41 3) A font for today
19:34 Stop using Comic Sans. Except…
20:05 Comic Sans – a font, a meme, a renaissance
20:51 Sharing a font with the world

What are you doing here? Nobody reads the video description! Well, between you and me, Chalkboard has strong "We have Comic Sans at home" energy.

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🛒My YouTube Gear
🛒Amazing AI Upscaling

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