Gas stoves aren’t really that fast – even standard electric is faster!

From Technology Connections.


00:00 Intro
01:32 Backstory
07:15 Testing Procedure
08:41 A note on CO2 and why I’m measuring it
10:02 Ikea pot, 4 quarts – large gas burner
17:10 Same pot, new stove
25:50 Kettle, gas stove
29:44 Real-world CO2 spikes from cooking
30:57 Kettle, Electric stove
34:25 Going over data from off-camera tests
40:36 Why does electric feel slower?
41:47 Right, the kettle!
43:23 Advantages/Disadvantages of gas vs. electric
45:12 Electric stove’s big disadvantage (and how to overcome it)
51:25 Power outages
53:45 The many advantages of electric you may not have considered
1:02:27 Why I didn’t go induction