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In this episode of Mind Blow on Vsauce2: the ruins of Ancient Rome reveal interesting medical devices, a new humanoid robot learns to be just like you, scientists develop a neural brain implant that works like an octopus, Team Trees might have accidentally grown 20 million computers with wood transistors, Stone Age architectural plans reveal sophisticated abstract cognitive abilities, olfactory virtual reality now includes scents and smells, the Titanic gets 3D mapped with over 700,000 images, which may reveal clues about how the Titanic sank, and the glassy-winged sharpshooter contributes to our biological understanding of fluid dynamics with its built-in butt catapult.

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Brent Tiggelaar, Ian Fabs, Jonathan Hawk, Markus Fleischer, NullBlox.ZachryWilsn, Thomas Kaminski, Wolfgang Hutton.

*** SOURCES ***

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Soft Robot Brain Implant (3:11)

Stone Age Blueprints (5:04)

VR Smells (5:45)

Superfast Insect Urination (6:48)

Sony Walkman Commercial 1983 (7:55)

*** CREDITS ***

Hosted, Researched and Created by Kevin Lieber

Written by Matthew Tabor

Edited by John Swan

Fact Checking by Geoff Barrett

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